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Our Values

We are a grassroots committee of citizens who see challenges and a broad spectrum of people in our community who want to tackle them. Our goal is to help Lancaster County push forward by creating an opportunity for a community conversation around issues that are hard to talk about, especially for white people, but that must be talked about.

Specifically, we are planning a forum called Together We Can: Targeting Hidden Injustices on Saturday, March 18.


The steering committee, in seeking to honor the humanity of the late George Floyd, will plan an inspiring event that educates, empowers and connects all in Lancaster County who want to dismantle systems of oppression, heal divisions and build a more joyful future.


Every member of the steering committee is an active and vital participant in this process. We make it a priority to attend meetings, complete tasks on time and fulfill our vision.


Steering committee members commit to resolving differences of opinion in ways that honor our core value of respect. We will seek to make decisions by consensus and be open to compromise that allows for the group to function effectively and for the work to move forward.

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